Merchant Services and Web Services

Tobuso, short for ‘Total Business Solutions’, provides many different types of Merchant Services, including but not limited to Credit Card Processing, Gift Cards, Check Processing, ACH Software and more!

We also specialize in Web Services such as Web Design, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

We provide avenues for businesses to market products and services and receive payment, hence the name:

Total Business Solutions


When you are setting up an ecommerce shopping cart to sell items from your website you need to have a payment processing gateway and integrate a payment processor. Sometimes this is an easy process and sometimes it is a very difficult one. When you use Tobuso you can count on the job being done right because we are very familiar with most shopping carts and nearly all gateways.

Mail order or Telephone order

If your product is sold over the phone or through a mail order system then you have to be careful about chargebacks. Chargebacks are a major issue for non-swipe merchants especially if the product is delivered anytime after the payment is taken. Chargebacks not only cost you but they are a risk to the processor and can end up getting your account frozen or a best just a small hold percentage. We can help you get setup so that you will have minimal chargebacks and not have any holds or freezes.

Wireless Terminals

Wireless credit card machines are becoming more popular. They make it easy to take payment anywhere. If you have a towing, plumbing, contract, or any service related business a wireless machine could help your business. They are also a good choice for businesses that do not need a dedicated business phone line. Business phone lines are expensive and the wireless terminals wireless access fee is usually around $15/month. So there is usually a savings of around $30-$50. Call us to find out if it can help your situation.

Dual Communication Terminal

A Dual Communication Terminal can access the Internet to run a transaction as well as a phone line. It is usually faster than a standard terminal and usually has other features and more memory.